Penny L. Ray

I would like to express to anyone considering hiring a disability Attorney to state their case that Attorney Barry Lemmen is by far a man with experience, skill, expertise, competency and compassion for his client.

I began my disability case alone in 2006, after battling a debilitating disease and multiple other conditions and applied to Social Security for disability. I was denied that I was not “disabled” enough and could have Substantial Gainful Employment, despite the fact I was on narcotics, muscle relaxants and a host of other medications to battle side effects from them. This is not including the many surgeries I have endured to attempt to bring some lessening of the pain in my body.

I was referred to Attorney Lemmen via another Attorney in Kalamazoo and after my initial telephone conversation with him, I knew I had found the best person for my case.

He spent countless hours gathering my medical information, and had prepared an impressive brief to present to the Administration Law Judge, (in fact the Judge during my hearing complimented Attorney Lemmen on this well prepared brief) the hearing was very quick and I feel it is mainly due in part to Attorney Lemmen’s handling of my case and our meeting to discuss any further issues prior to the hearing.

I highly recommend anyone who has had the run around with Social Security Disability to call Attorney Lemmen and meet with him, you won’t be sorry.

Continued Success!