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Corporation and LLC Formation

If you currently operate or are planning to start a small business, you should consider forming a legal entity to operate your business. Although there are still corporations formed for small businesses today, increasingly small business owners are choosing a limited liability company, or LLC for small business protection. A Limited Liability Company (LLC) typically provides the liability protection associated with a traditional corporation, but requires fewer corporate formalities to administer, and allows for pass through taxation. Unlike a typical corporation, the profits of the limited liability company are taxed on the individual owner's tax return and not subject to corporate taxation.

The attorneys at LEMMEN & LEMMEN PLC can help small business owners start a limited liability company or a corporation, providing advice about which is best for their particular situation. If desired, our lawyers frequently work in conjunction with the small business owners' accountants for integrated solution to their business needs. 

Small Business Attorneys - Contract Services

We regularly help small business owners with their contract needs, such as (but not limited to) drafting non-competition agreements, buy-sell agreements, promissory notes, security agreements and leases. If you need a lawyer to review or draft contracts for your business, contact LEMMEN & LEMMEN PLC.

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