Grand Rapids Real Estate Attorney Services

The real estate attorneys at LEMMEN & LEMMEN PLC have the experience to meet all your real estate legal needs. We have knowledge and extensive experience drafting the following documents:

  1. Buy-Sell Agreements
  2. Warranty Deeds, Quit Claim Deeds, Lady Bird Deeds
  3. Land Contracts
  4. Mortgages
  5. Promissory Notes
  6. Easements
  7. Leases: Both Commercial and Residential
  8. Site Condominium Projects.

Grand Rapids Real Estate Attorney ServicesFor-Sale-By-Owner Transactions

If you can find a buyer for your property, you can save thousands of dollars in real estate commissions by having the attorneys at LEMMEN & LEMMEN PLC draft the documents you need to sell your property. Once you find a buyer for your property, our attorneys will meet with you and draft the contract that legally controls the terms of the sale and protects your interests. This contract is often called a "buy-sell agreement" or a "purchase agreement". If the buyer requires financing from a bank, the buyer will use this contract to apply for their mortgage. The bank or the title company will generally handle the closing. Our attorneys will be happy to review the closing package, so that you understand the documents that you will be signing before your closing at the title company. If the buyer does not require financing to purchase the property, our office would gladly handle the closing, as well.

Landlord Services - Tenant Evictions in Grand Rapids

If you are a landlord that needs assistance evicting a tenant from your property, the real estate attorneys at LEMMEN & LEMMEN PLC can help. We also prepare leases that will not only protect your interests as a landlord, but are valid under Michigan law and will hold up in a courtroom. If you own multiple properties, you may want to learn more about our small business services.

Land Contract Forfeitures

If you sold a property on land contract and the buyer has stopped making payments, our real estate attorneys in Grand Rapids or Coopersville can help you file a land contract forfeiture suit in the proper district court to regain possession of your property.

Real Estate Lawyers

For more answers to your legal questions, contact us today or schedule a consultation with one of our real estate attorneys in Grand Rapids or Coopersville.